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Killed for fins? NO. Killed for fun.

The Newcastle Herald reported that a man not wanting to be identified other than Ben, (hide Ben, good idea) caught and killed a 320kg Tiger shark while fishing off Swansea during the Lake Macquarie Game Fishing Club summer pointscore last Sunday.

Ben uploaded a photo of his ‘trophy catch’ onto Facebook. Ben is getting well-earned online backlash but surprisingly he also has supporters.
Many of us have seen the sickening footage of people killing sharks for their fins and tossing them back into the ocean.

I was totally devastated and embarrassed that an Australian ‘man’, an Aussie could be so stupid and cruel. I get it, fishing is fun. Catching a Tiger shark is probably the ultimate catch for any sports fisherman, however, this was not catch and release.
Commercial fishing, targeted or bycatch is crippling shark populations. Do you need to make a spectacle of yourself by showing how thoughtless and nauseating you are, killing up close and personal for bragging rights?

Well done Ben, you killed an ancient apex predator that is on the decline.


Note about trolls

A note about trolls.

Enough is enough.

For a while now, I have wondered why these trolls keep spreading their nasty comments, without regard for anyones feelings. 

Bloggers take time out of their busy lives to add value, they spend a lot of time thinking, creating, writing, editing etc.  Congratulations, you found a spelling mistake but you missed the tone, idea and meaning. If the post isn’t about religion leave God out of it, oh and talking about God, for the love of God stop with the racial slurs. 

I understand these lonely sad trolls have no etiquette, manners or courtesy but what they seem to have is an endless amount of negativity and time on their hands.

I enjoy reading the comments section of blogs (sometimes more than the blog) but the trolls comments are distracting and useless.

These attention seeking cowards hide behind their anonymity and attempt to bring people down to try and validate their own worthless opinions. Shut up, no one cares what you have to say. If no one wants to hear you speak, the answer is not to go online and try to force people to listen to you. Maybe seek a professional, work through some of your deep seated issues.

Some other ways trolls can spend their time… 
Go for a walk
Talk to a friend
Try and smile, if something online bothers you, turn it off. Take a break.
Spend time with your dog or cat. No one can be bitter and hateful cuddling their cat or brushing your dog.
Hydrate,  improves brain function. (kidding! My mother always told me to get a glass of water no matter what the issue.) thinking about it, it was probably just a way of distracting me or buying her time.

In all seriousness, a discussion involves different people and different opinions, without these debates would stagnate, but there is a difference between respectful disagreement and deliberate antagonistic behavior.